Studio Policy

Please trust that these policies are in place to insure a consistent, structured learning environment in which students are equipped for success at every turn. There is a wonderful joy found in a musician’s study with a capable teacher/mentor and the same is true for teachers working with engaged and capable students.

The musical growth of my students depend on many factors and the efficiency of my studio policy is one of them.

Piano Lessons
(818) 394-0039

LESSON RATES: paid per lesson

$75.00 / 60 mins

$40.00 / 30 mins


COMMITMENT PLAN: paid at the beginning of each month

$60.00 / 60 mins

$30.00 / 30 mins

For any returned checks, a $20 return fee will be assessed.


  • Student must have access to daily piano.
  • Bring all necessary materials to lessons
  • Students must purchase music for each level as advised by instructor


MTAC Option

This gives the student the option to follow a lesson plan structured through the Music Teachers Association of California, with annual testing and finally obtaining a Certificate of Merit. (fees apply)

Please ask if interested.

ABRSM Option

Please ask if interested.

  • If lesson is cancelled 24 hours ahead of time, a make up lesson will be available.
  • A 24 hour CANCELLATION NOTICE is required. If a student is a no-show, 50% of the daily tuition will be charged for missed lesson and no make up lesson will take place. (Exception will be made for emergency matters).


  • No food or drinks in teachers studio or during lesson even if taught outside of teachers studio.


  • Lessons are taught from the PSLA studio.
  • Some exceptions are made for instructors traveling to students home. In that case, a traveling fee will be assessed.